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Melinda Tyler

Melinda Tyler’s story is one of triumph over adversity. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she left home to join the angry punk rock scene, later becoming involved in the sex industry. She eventually hit a tough bottom, left the sex business, and earned both undergraduate and advanced degrees in Psychology.

Her unique background gives her a rare perspective on the sex industry and those who fall prey to its allure. Along with her knowledge of what makes us tick, Melinda used that perspective to great advantage in creating The Purified. She sketches very believable portraits of her gutsy female protagonist and a diverse supporting cast.

We are devastated that Melinda passed away on January 26, 2024 at her home in Massachusetts. Before she died, she had not finished writing The Deceived, the second in the Montana Wylde mystery series.  Her husband and editor (Les) hopes to complete and publish it soon.

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